"Aviva Perlo brings a unique blend of sensitivity, insight, humor, joy, creativity, meaning, theatrical imagination, and Jewish knowledge.  Her deep commitment to helping others resonates throughout her speaking, writing, and artistic performance." -Miriam Arond, coauthor of The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change, New York City, NY
"Aviva's work artfully communicates the truth in the moment, with a clarity and kindness that cuts through the fat, massages the muscles, tones the essential organs, and touches the soul." -Jesse Freedman, Director, Artist, and Educator of Jewish Theater Workshop, 24/6, New York City, NY
"Aviva is a master at relating to diverse audiences.  Her work creates safe space to allow people to be their authentic selves, stretch their limits, and discover insights from deep within the kishkes. Aviva sees beneath the surface, and her visionary leadership propels audiences towards awe and wonder." -Rabbi Ezra Weinberg, New York City, NY
"Combining her natural sense of humor with her deep understanding of ritual and chaggim, Aviva brings depth and laughter to presentations. She is gifted with an instinctual way of drawing people in and encouraging them to express their own talents freely." - Rachel Ravitz, singer/storyteller, Jerusalem
"Aviva understands the power of stories and qualitative narratives in an incredibly deep way." -Dr. Marsha Crawford, Professor, School of Social Work, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
"She is wise, funny, deep, and one of the most enjoyable presenters of Jewish wisdom applied to the challenges of our lives." -Rabbi Marcia Prager, MFT, Storyteller, Philadelphia, PA